Go for a long walk and get lost / by Nadiya Marwah

My first blog ever :D

This is my first blog ever and I have always been scared of writing. My goal through this blog is to constantly find motivation and share the things that inspire me with others. 

In the recent past, I have had some personal troubles and I started to sulk in. I lacked motivation and found no good reason to look forward to the next day. I did this for a while and one day, I decided to go for a walk with Bob (my camera, you will hear a lot about him). I went to a park by the lake in downtown Toronto. It was me, Bob and some Sigur Ros' (an Icelandic band that has been my constant inspiration) on my phone. There are no words to explain how I felt in-spite of extreme wind chill and cold weather in Toronto, I didn't wish to leave. I started to take a walk and found myself feeling liberated. The song Varuo by Sigur Ros' inspired me to take some photos and kept me constantly motivated. I think it's so important sometimes to just let go. To let go of your constant fears, let go of your thoughts, let go of insecurities and dissolve in with yourself. Notice smaller ferns, tiny details, dew drops on the leaves, the wet mud, the sun through the leaves, the smell of the plants around you, the movement and shape of the clouds. Everything. For me, it changed a lot of things. It bought back the motivation I needed. Bob and I are very happy that we went for that walk and we try to do it as much as we can from that day on. 

It's good to get lost sometimes. To not know anything around us, only so we can know the better.