Why procrastination worked for me. / by Nadiya Marwah

Easiest thing for me is to Procrastinate. 

I am glad after a period of 2 years I am finally feeling motivated to take photographs. For the past two years almost, I have hardly taken any photographs. I was also moving to a different country, so the pressure of settling in, leaving all my friends and the people that matter was really challenging. I was glad to see my family but at the same time I wanted to move back within a year. So I never really tried to find my place in this country. In the last year, I met a lot of new people, I learnt a lot of new things, travelled to a lot of new places, saw a grizzly bear, learnt how to bartend, worked as a server, saw snow for the first time and spent so much time with family together. All of this and including a lot more, helped me grow

This time gave me the space to get myself to feel like how I used to feel for photography in the beginning when I started, the butterflies in stomach feeling. That feeling got lost somewhere in the middle, but I was never scared because I knew it would come back. I just wanted to do other things for a while that would help me communicate with Bob (my canon6D) better. Listening to newer music, watching better films, sharing so much with family and friends, going on a road trip with my best friend helped me get a better perspective and mind space. Even after I didn't shoot for the last year, I see a drastic change in the photographs I have taken recently and its not because of taking photographs continuously, its because of everything else. Only speaking for me, sometimes procrastination works for me. It gives me the space to breathe and come back to what I love doing the most. If not for anyone, then for myself. I know the entire last year, I constantly kept thinking of interesting concepts to shoot. Always looking for art to inspire me. I am just glad I will be making photographs today because I want to. 

Thank you everyone who has helped me grow. You know who you are :)